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Atikokan Equestrian- Trail Riding and Camping

Atikokan Equestrian is a small group of horse loving locals who are very proud of what our community in Northwestern Ontario has to offer horse horse enthusiasts near and far. Come and discove the amazing scenery and trail riding available in Atikokan.

The miles of signed trails, with maps available (see trail maps), deliver an experience for all levels of riders from beginners to advance.  Due to a variety in terrain (from broken pavement, gravel, sand, grass and bush), we highly recommend some form of hoof protection for your equine partner EG. boots or shoes.

Our recreation facility is very accommodating for non-local riders who wish to enjoy the area.  The recreation facility offers 2 large open areas for a number of rigs and campers along with running water, high ties and permanent pens/ stalls available.  Users are allowed access to  permanent washroom with running water including an outdoor shower.  See Horse camping for overnight camping, stall, and high tie fees.  We also encourage anyone to bring and set up their own portable fencing if they wish.  The small lake on site is considered a favourite and natural choice to cool down in with your horse on those warm summer days.

If you and your horse are interested in an adventure that is sure to please and will have you returning for more, please see horse camping for contact information and forms provided by Atikokan Township.  You can also follow us on Facebook where we post trail maintenance updates throughout the year and please check out our Annual Horse Ride Event Tab on this webpage for even more fun.

Keep a lookout for us on the trails, enjoying a ride in what we are so lucky to call our own backyard.


Please Note: the majority of these trails are maintained by volunteers only and are shared between mountian bikers, hikers and horseback riders, so please follow some simple rules of the trail to ensure everyone's safety and enjoyment.  Bikers and hikers should always stop and yield to horses when they meet and should announce their presence when approaching a horse from behind.



Sandy Martin- 807-597-7588

Courtney Roehrig- 807-598-1262

Shelby Mackey- 807-598-1322