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Atikokan Equestrian- Annual Horse Ride Event

On the 3rd Saturday in September we host a herd of riders for what has proven to be a weekend of horsey fun! Saturday morning, riders’ saddle up and head out on an approximately 25km marked loop highlighting a large portion of our trails and beautiful scenery that Atikokan has to offer. We try to change up the event every year with such things as adding different elements and routes. We strive to keep things interesting and fun, in hopes that participants will return year after year. Following the ride, everyone is treated to an amazing meal, with prizes to be awarded.

Still interested in more fun after dinner and prizes? Then choose to camp, settle in lakeside by the campfire, to discuss trails ridden over the past few months during a weekend that has been described as ‘the highlight of the summer riding season’.

Plan a riding trip to Atikokan and share some of the best trails in Northwestern Ontario. Customize your own personal experience with friends that is suited to you or visit during our annual horse ride event and learn some of the trails in the company of the riders who have previous experience with the area. Either way, it will be one of the best trail riding experiences of your life.

You can also follow us on Facebook where we post additional and update details regarding our annual ride event every year leading up to the date. Please check out our Trail Riding and Camping tab on this webpage to learn how to book your camping adventure.