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Annual Atikokan Equine Trail Riders Poker Derby

On the third Saturday in September we host a herd of riders for a weekend of horsey fun!  Saturday morning, rider's saddle up and head out on an approximately 25km loop highlighting some most beautiful views Atikokan has to offer - including the open pit of Steep Rock mine which is refered to as the Grand Canyon of the North by some riders.  Amongst enjoying the scenery on well marked trails, riders test their skills along the way collecting strategically placed ribbons from precarious places.  After the ride, everyone is treated to an amazing feast, with prizes awarded to all participants. When dinner and prizes are completed, some riders pack up their rigs and head home, while others have chosen to camp on site and settle in lakeside, by the campfire, to discuss trails ridden over the past few months and many agree that this ride has been the highlight of the summer riding season.  We always have positive feedback from riders and all are pleasantly surprised at the phenomenal sites they have taken in.  A common theme has emerged amongst all, after they visit once, they are committed at returning.

Plan a weekend of riding in Atikokan and share some of the best trails in Northwestern Ontario.  Plan a ride with friends that are perfectly suited to you and your fellow riders or visit during our Poker Derby and learn some of the trails in the company of riders who have previous experience with the area.  Either way it will be one of the best trail riding experience of your life.