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Equine Trail Riders Horse Club

Several members of the horse community in Northwestern Ontario have discovered the amazing scenery and trail riding that Atikokan has to offer horseback riders.

The trails consist of bush trails that connect old mining roads and railway beds that were used to service the Steep Rock Mine back in the 1970's. Due to the variety in terrain (from broken pavement, gravel, sand, grass, and bush), we highly recommend some form of hoof protection for your equine partner.

Over the past year we have completed many upgrades to the site to make things more accommodating for non-local riders who wish to enjoy the area. The trails have now been signed and named, as well as trail maps installed on location with handouts available to take along for the ride. For those wishing to camp on site, 9 high ties, and 8 perminant pens are now available on site to keep your horse in, as well as perminant washrooms with running water. There are two large parking sections that will accommodate a number of rigs, as well as portable fencing that participants wish to bring and set up on their own. There is also a small lake on site that many riders have chosen to cool down in with their horses on those warm summer days.

We have miles of trails that are suitable for all levels of riders (see trail maps).

Please note:  The majority these trails are shared between mountain bikers and horse riders, follow some simple rules of the trail to ensure everyone’s safety.  Bikers should always stop and yield to horses when they meet and should announce their presence when approaching a horse from behind.  Using a bell (commonly called bear bells) on your bike will help prevent surprise encounters with a horse (or even bears).